Paintless Dent Repair


What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Paintless dent repair, also know as paint-free dent repair or paint-free dent removal, is a process where paintless dent repair craftsman use specialized PDR tools and graphic lighting to gently massage panels from the underside, restoring them back to pre-accident condition and strength. PDR does not utilize heat, dry ice, nor fillers to repair during the process.

Can PDR damage the finish? How does the paint keep from cracking?

PDR does not damage the finish as the techniques used are kept on the non-painted underside of the panels. Because today's lighter, thinner metals have more flexibility, the paints used in today's cars are designed to match that new flex. Think of today's auto paints as a marriage between rubber and color. It is due to this flexibility that a skilled PDR repairer has little chance of compromising the integrity of the paint during the paint less dent repair.
Side View Of A Red Car - Auto Dent Repair in Murfreesboro, TN

My car is very valuable to me; how do I know I am going to get the best repair, regardless of how it is done?

First of all, use a trusted, local repair facility. There is no better warranty or guarantee than that of a local warranty. This fact, combined with Dentsmart's commitment to using only ARC certified technicians will ensure that the correct assessment and paintless dent repair procedures will apply as your car is restored back to its pre-accident quality and value.

Dentsmart technicians are covered by Liability and Workman’s Comp insurance, ensuring that your vehicle is in safe hands. Dentsmart repairs are backed with a Lifetime Written Warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.
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Are panels sometimes too severely damaged for PDR to be effective?

Absolutely, this is true. Size, location and the saturation of dents may hinder PDR from being the finished result. Still, PDR can apply to reduce the time a car is in the shop and may even reduce or eliminate the need for fillers, even if new paint is needed. Once again, your local trusted repair facility combined with dentsmart's professional PDR technicians will help assure your repair process uses the best techniques for restoration in full.
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Why should I even bother to repair the damage to my vehicle?

If you do not repair the damage, the value of your automobile can be greatly reduced. This will cost you at trade in. If you have filed an insurance claim for your damage and have received a payment from your insurance company to repair, that panel may become an uninsurable panel in the event of future damage to the same panel.
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Is PDR better than conventional body shop repair?

PDR is just one technique in repairing your damaged vehicle. The technologies of conventional body shop methods are certainly able to match up with the manufacturers' aim to give you beauty and durability in your cars' finish. In some instances, both techniques are used in the repair process, cutting the cycle time for restoration and getting you back into your car sooner. Dentsmart works hand-in-hand with your insurance provider to make sure you receive the correct repair method for your car.
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